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Hoeveel vrouwen moeten de dodelijke bijwerkingen van syntetische drugs nog ervaren? (Engels)

Een jury in Nevada kende aan drie vrouwen een multimiljoenen uitkering toe tegen Wyeth omdat dit farmaceutisch bedrijf bij hen borstkanker heeft veroorzaakt.
Wyeth, dat $20 biljoen omzet had het afgelopen jaar, staat voor een groot aantal rechtszaken over Premarin en Prempro.
Toch gaat deze farmaceutische reus door met beweren dat deze producten veilig zijn, ondanks 30 jaar van overtuigend bewijs van het tegendeel!

A jury in Nevada awarded three women a multi-million dollar award against Wyeth for causing them breast cancers.
The women had used Premarin and/or Prempro, the controversial non-identical menopause therapies that the pharmaceutical giant still insists are safe despite 30 years of overwhelming medical evidence to the contrary.
The Reno jury found Wyeth was negligent, produced defective products and concealed facts about their safety.
This verdict is an important victory in the struggle to raise awareness of the dangers of Premarin and Prempro, toxic treatments which have caused untold hundreds of thousands of breast cancers, heart attacks, strokes and other horrible side effects in women trustingly seeking to relieve their menopause symptoms.
The perils of Premarin and Prempro have been common knowledge in the conventional medical literature for more than 30 years. The largest study to expose the drugs’ dangers was the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) in 2002. The NIH sponsored study was abruptly halted because the researchers found that Premarin and Prempro, caused higher than expected rates of cancers, heart attacks and strokes in those women who participated in the study and were taking the beleaguered drugs.
By now you would expect every woman and doctor in the US to know about the results of the WHI study and stay away from these drugs. Possibly even have the FDA take them off the market. They certainly remove drugs for less offensive side-effects in shorter periods of time usage.
Instead, five years later, too many women and their doctors know little or nothing about the WHI study, hormones or hormone therapies. Every month another review of the 2002 WHI study appears in the media and in the medical journals. All the rehashing does is contradict prior reports and create more confusion for clinicians and the women in dire need of help.
The state of women’s health and hormone therapies is getting worse by the day and all we have to show is the polemics of self-promoters and money making drug companies.
A major source of confusion for the physicians comes from the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) whose stated goal is to educate women and their doctors on issues surrounding safe treatments of menopause. Instead, NAMS serves Wyeth’s bottom line and not the women’s interest.
NAMS and its troubled leader Dr Wulf Utian, who receives significant financial backing from Wyeth, continue to manipulate the information doctors and women are given through the media, medical journals and paid advertisements. After years of actively promoting the "benefits" of Premarin and Prempro Utian is now blaming the WHI study group for Premarin’s bad publicity. His recent scathing editorial in Menopause Management finds fault with the way the WHI studies were run. While some of his points are a welcome change, he omits the fact that any doctor who reads the medical literature knows that we already have 30 years of scientific data questioning the safety and efficacy of Premarin and Prempro. In spite of being constantly asked to participate in honest education and comparative studies on the use of hormone therapies, NAMS refuses to serve the women’s needs. Instead it continues to hide the truth and support Wyeth.
Wyeth, which had revenues of $20 billion last year, is facing a mountain of lawsuits over Premarin and Prempro.
Whatever the ultimate outcome for the lawsuits, the writing is on the wall for Wyeth and NAMS. The train has left the station and we need to move along past the polemics and bottom lines.
Unresolved is how many more women need to still suffer deadly side effects from Premarin and Prempro whose dangers have been known for 30 years?
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