maandag 25 maart 2013

LDN voor Arteritis temporalis

Dit mooie bericht over LDN bij Arteritis Temporalis kwam via de berichten in de LDN group in Yahoo:

Hi group,
Some weeks ago I asked you if I could suggest LDN for a woman having a disease calledArteritis Temporalis.
This is an auto immune disease. It’s symptoms are: inflammated walls of the veins. Often veins in the front head, the inflammation leads to a severe weak eyesight, temporary blindness and strong head aches. I don’t know all the symptoms and I may have misunderstood some of her explanations. Anyway, her problems is a severe headache every day. She has so much pain in the head it’s hard to lay down on the the back of it or on the right side.
She stared LDN 14 days ago.
She has been using Prednisone for 2 years now, without any break, and she has been tapering off of it now.
She started LDN, and from the first morning she woke up she had no pain at all.
All pain is gone, and so is the feeling of bodily discomfort as well. She now needs time to get rid of the fatique.
This may take time, and I hope the inflammationed walls inside the veins will disappear.

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