zondag 24 maart 2013

Een huisarts vertelt over zijn ervaringen met LDN

Deze huisarts vertelt over zijn ervaringen met LDN. Hij heeft weer plezier in zijn vak omdat hij eindelijk eens wat mensen ziet genezen.

I am a family doctor (GP) in Dublin and have many patients on LDN,some
for several years.
Most of my MS patients have done well and one of my cancer
patients who had it in her lungs secondary to breast cancer is now
well 3 years later.I have about a dozen cancer patients on it for up
to 5 years and none of them has died so far but this is too good to
last.2 Fibromyalgia patients have improved considerably. One patient
with Motor Neurone Disease diagnosed by 2 neurologists over 3 years
ago has now been discharged from the neurological service as they
have found nothing wrong with him. Just in case they are wrong he
plans to stay in LDN. A few patients with frequent lung infections
seem much healthier and rarely need my services. I have a patient who
developed an infection deep in the foot and who could not really walk
for over a year as a result. Last October his surgeon suggested he
should consider the possibiluty of an amputation. I decided to try LDN
and zinc and his infection dried up in 2 months. He is back at work
for 3 months now and is well. I have a big interest in nutrition in
mental health too and have a website at 
Edmond O`Flaherty MB
En het vervolg:
I have had one breast cancer death in the last 5 years and she refused to take LDN.  All the others agreed to try it. One of those women is now 57. She had breast cancer in 1997 and metastases were found in the lungs in 2002/2003. I really had no hope for her survival at that stage and I have been little short of amazed at her recovery-I never saw a case like this before in my life. 5 year survival for breast cancer depends very much on the stage it is picked up but some of mine were quite advanced.One woman,now 47,had 6  positive glands and 3 soft tissue deposits over three years ago  and has remained well. Maybe my results are pure flukes-we are very sceptical in medicine- so further research is needed on LDN.We need double-blind crossover meta-analyses over  a long period  before  most of my colleagues  will be convinced. Another of my interests is in nutrition in psychiatry and I am becoming quite used to about half of the many people  with schizophrenia that I see  going back to college or getting a job. The same proof is required there for my colleagues to believe in it. I must admit that being a doctor is far more satisfying now than it ever was in the past as so many of my seriously ill patients seem to get well, although I would not regard any of them as cured. I use the standard medication in all cases too.
Edmond  O`Flaherty.

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