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Treatment pap3 with CIN III (Engels)


Hello everybody,
After having worked at it for one and an half year, I now can say that the HP virus ( Human Papilloma Virus ) has disappeared from my body.
For some time I had an abnormal pap smear: pap 3a with CIN III. Before this I was already under treatment of a gynaecologist. Actually this was quite a coincidence for I had no vaginal symptoms. I just wanted to have a check up again.

After pap3 and CIN III were diagnosed by the gyn I had to come in for a loop excision. This is a surgical technique that uses electric current passed through a thin wire loop to remove abnormal tissue. From the removed tissue it became clear that one of the causes for the formation of abnormal cells was the presence of the HP virus. That was that! I had to come back half a year later to see whether or not they had succeeded to remove the HP virus with the removal of the peace of tissue.

Yet I was not comfortable. Why did I attract the Hp virus??? Why another woman was not “sensitive” for it, but could in fact be carrier of the same virus without having abnormal pap smears.
Could it also depend upon my resistance? Does my body need more or other food substances and/or supplementations? I started surfing the internet and came to the forums of Pilliewillie (mostly in dutch). Marja has been of enormous help to me. She advised me to begin using bio identical progesterone cream which I did. She also had me read certain websites of American gynaecologists. I read and studied much. This was basically the beginning of being on the right track.

Three months before my second check up I started to use the following supplements daily:
- bio identical progesterone cream
- ellagic acid (oral en vaginal)
- probiotics
- multi Ultra-plex (Essential Organics)
- 4 x vitamin C-1000
- folic acid 400 mcg
- calcium, magnesium and zinc
- spirulina (3x 2 tablets)
For other complaints I used:
- bromelaine forte
- artichoke 350 mg
- extra vitamin B’s (in addition to my multi)
These last three were advised by an orthomolecular therapist Corrij, who also helped me much during my search.
It was time for my check up. I felt good and had hope. Unfortunately the result was again pap 3a BUT my CIN went from CIN III to CIN I (with a small inclination towards II).Had all that swallowing of supplements been useful after all? The gyn advised another loop excision. This time they would take a larger peace of tissue. After this intervention I noticed that I had less blood loss, less pain and I healed quite fast
After this loop excision I increased the Ellagic Acid. After the wound had healed I also increased vaginal flushing besides my oral intake. After the second loop excision I increased the Ellagic Acid, oral as well as vaginal (twice a day). After a couple of months (except during my period), I slowly reduced the Ellagic Acid. After two months, once a day, then one month once every two days etc. I took my other supplements daily and I still use them. For now I still take one Ellagic Acid a day.

Five weeks ago I had another pap smear. I had to wait two weeks for the results. Waiting is never pleasant. Then the gyn called me with the good news: pap 1 with CIN 0. The gyn herself was also a bit surprised. Of course she expected it to go better after the second loop excision, but not that the CIN would have disappeared totally!!!
I had let her know from the beginning what I was doing. What I smeared, what I swallowed and where I had my information from. Now my gyn has become enthusiast and wants me to send her the info concerning bio identical progesterone cream, ellagic acid etc.
It is quite exciting when a conventional doctor reacts this way. But this is the way it should be!!! 

Now I can say that the HP virus is out of my body and my CIN has disappeared. Of course it has been a combination of two surgical procedures and the use of natural products. But had these not worked together so well, the final result had not been so beautiful.

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