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Behandeling van endometriose met natuurlijke progesteroncrème (Engels)

While the cause of endometriosis is unknown we do know that it is an estrogen driven disease. And the body’s natural anti-estrogen is progesterone.
Controlling the Symptoms of Endometriosis with Progesterone
We know that when a woman falls pregnant, often endometriosis will disappear, only to return again after pregnancy. There is some very strong correlation between the two. This suggests that the sex hormones are involved and that high progesterone levels produced in pregnancy play an important part in controlling this disease.
That’s why progesterone is recommended from days 8 to 26 (just before menstruation) or whenever your normal menstrual cycle ends, breaking from cream briefly to refresh receptor sites. This mimics a pseudo-pregnancy state, and facilitates healing.
Higher than normal doses are required which appear to be well tolerated. Levels around about 60~80mg/day are usually required for pain management. You know you are taking too high a dose if you begin to feel sleepy after applying cream.
Most women will find that they can reduce their dosage of progesterone after 7-12 months, however, attempts to go below 40mg/day progesterone often allows symptoms to creep back in.
Keep in mind that a delayed diagnosis of endometriosis after numerous years of medication and synthetic hormone cocktails often leads to liver dysfunction, adrenal exhaustion, and chronic pain / fatigue which can compromise the uptake of progesterone.
No one is suggesting progesterone cures endometriosis but we certainly know, based on empirical evidence, that it appears to play a major role in controlling its distressing symptoms. We know that women who stopped progesterone felt great for a few months and then suddenly, after progesterone stores had washed from the body, the disease would flare back up.
Most women with endometriosis remain on progesterone cream for maintenance and pain control, and adjust their dose when necessary, increasing when indicated such as in times of stress.

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