woensdag 27 maart 2013

LDN bij colitis ulcerosa

Prachtige resultaten met LDN bij colitis ulcerosa

Regelmatig krijg ik hele mooie berichten via de groep van LDN in Amerika. Dit was weer een geweldig mooi bericht van iemand met colitis ulcerosa:
I just wanted to share my experience with you. I have struggled with
colitis for some years now, as I have a moderate inflammation
throughout my colon. My symptoms are mainly bleeding (resulting in
lack of iron and anemia), diarea, tiredness, stomach-pain and some
joint-pain. In the beginning my bad periods were not that bad, and
did not last long. But as the colitis has progressed, I now have
quite bad flares, my last one lasting from june up until now, causing
me to loose 15 kg.
Now, before I started LDN, I have tried a lot of diets, and I know I
feel better when I don’t eat any sugar, wheat, yeast, milk, red meat
or tomatoes. So I have continued to avoid these.
Instantly after taking my first dose of LDN I felt something
happening. The stress and tension I have had in my body almost
constantly for the last 2 years dissapeared, and I actually felt
relaĆ­. I can see how that could be a placebo-effect, but I still
think it’s a bit strange, as I was feeling nervous and a bit scared
before taking the dose. (I took 3 mg for a week, and then 4,5) Now,
after 4 weeks on LDN, I have to say I feel almost like a normal
person. I now have on average one bowel movement a day, where I used to have from 5 – 15. My stool is firm, and there’s not so much blood, although I can still se traces of it. My stomach-pain is no longer a real pain, it’s more of a discomfort, but still there. I recon it
will go away in a while – Rome was not buildt in a day. But the
biggest difference is in my energy-level. Before LDN I had days where
I was unable to stay awake the whole day, and the only thing that
could get me out of bed was the urgency to get to the toilet. Now I
can work most of the day without having to sit down.
I am so glad that I went through the trouble of finding a doctor who
would prescribe LDN, and that I can take responsibillity for my own
health by using it. Combined with my diet, I think LDN will make my
life so much easier. I hope maybe my story can inspire others with
colitis to give it a try.

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