woensdag 8 oktober 2014

Oppassen met het laten aanmeten van implantaten !

Heb je ook gedacht over het laten aanmeten van implantaten? Lees dan eerst eens even goed dit artikel. Als je Engels niet goed genoeg is om het te kunnen lezen, ben ik bereid het voor je te vertalen. Je kunt het ook door Google laten vertalen.

How would you feel?

You've paid £12,000 for four dental implants so that you can have that Hollywood smile...

And yet within a few short years your £12,000 is looking like the worst investment of your life... as your teeth begin to fall out and your infected gums start causing you other health problems...

Well, that's the scary scenario hanging like the sword of Damocles over more than 500,000 dental implant patients in the UK alone, as they wait to discover whether they've contracted a little-known disease called peri-implantitis.

Peri-implantitis is an inflammatory disease characterised by bacterial infection of the gums and the gradual loss of the jaw bone supporting the implant. 

Dentists are still unsure as to whether the infection causes the bone to recede, or the bone loss exposes the area to bacterial infection. 

Either way, one thing is clear — they're completely in the dark as to how to treat it!

Experts estimate that as many as one third of patients will be infected. As Dr Stephen Jacobs, a past president of the Association of Dental Implantology, and well-respected implant surgeon, warns: "We are going to be seeing more and more cases. We're sitting on a time bomb..." 

The problem seems to stem from the current type of porcelain crown with titanium roots that has a rough, instead of a smooth, surface which is supposed to integrate better with the bone. However, the textured surface is more likely to harbour bacteria if the bone shrinks away from it.

This latest warning comes hot on the heels of a recent report by the Consumers' Association which revealed that, in too many cases, dentists are guilty of proposing inappropriate treatment plans and surgical procedures that patients just don't need.

Read my full report about this here… 

And to make things worse, their investigation into the UK dental industry showed that as many as 9 out of 10 dentists are failing to provide even basic care for their patients. The general standard of care in NHS and private dental practices was described as either "poor" or "very poor."

But worse still, basic checks for oral cancer, gingivitis, tooth decay and more were almost never carried out. 

That's right... not only are dentists fleecing you for expensive treatment plans and surgical procedures you don't need, but they're also overlooking basic, vital checks.

It's something that you've probably suspected all along, but have never been able to confront your dentist with the proof. However, all this is about to change...

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The Unsanitary Practices... Shoddy Workmanship... and
Shortcuts Dentists Take When Giving You a Checkup!
(That can ruin your smile and your health!)

Your dental health affects your overall health in many different ways. Poor dental health has been shown to contribute to other health problems like heart disease... cancer... memory problems... arthritis... insomnia... and much more!

That's why we've delved deeper than anyone has ever done before to bring you the real truth you're not being told.

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·  How root canals can trigger cancer... and routine procedures that can trigger a heart attack! 
·  How to curb gum disease naturally... (and why you should avoid the toxic products that the industry tries to scare you into using) 
·  How celebrities get a set of pearly white teeth... without surgery! And how you can, too, without having to pay your dentist thousands of pounds! 
·  And much, much more! 

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