vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

Is cardio gezond??? (Engels)

Lies, Damn Lies, and Cardio

I don’t do cardio – I hate cardio.

I hate what it does to my patients. It makes them worn out. It burns away their muscle. It trashes their immune system. It wears down their joints. It causes inflammation.
And that’s not all.
Through testing at my Wellness Research Foundation, I discovered that when you do a lot of cardio, it also shrinks your lungs. Then it slashes your heart’s pumping power. And makes your bones weaker. It even zaps your sex drive.
In other words, it makes you old before your time.
I tell all of my patients to stop doing it. And they immediately start to feel better, look better and have more energy.
We do Anti-Cardio instead.
It’s much easier. It’s much faster, too. And it can also lower your risk of heart disease 100 percent more than cardio can. I’ll tell you more about this in a moment, but first I want to show you why cardio is so damaging to your body.
I’m doing everything I can to spread the word that cardio is a lie.
A very dangerous lie that will ruin your health in the long term.
I’m about to show you why you don’t need cardio. So far 70,000 people all across the country are experiencing what I call the “Anti-Cardio Way of Life.”
And when you hear how it works, you’ll want to throw away your jogging shoes…

The Ugly Truth About Cardio

When I say “cardio,” I’m not talking about going for a brisk walk… spending a few minutes on an elliptical machine… or swimming a few laps.
“Cardio” is short for cardiovascular endurance training. It’s the idea that you have to raise your heart rate for a long duration – at least 20 minutes, and usually much more. It’s when you spend 45 minutes on a treadmill, or run for miles every day. Or take an hour-long aerobics class.
This kind of exercising to exhaustion is just not natural.
Your ancestors didn’t jog for miles at a time. They didn’t jump around for an hour doing aerobics. They had short bursts of activity – sprinting to catch food, or to avoid being food. That’s how they stayed lean and strong.
The concept of cardiovascular endurance exercise – like marathon running or aerobics – goes against how your body was built to move.
And it can hurt you in the long run.
What’s worse is the advice of today’s fitness “experts” who tell you to do cardio so that you can get into the “fat-melting zone.”
The trouble is, you don’t want to be in the fat-melting zone.
Every time you enter that zone, you’re programming your body to use fat for fuel. You’re sending a signal that you need fat.
And your body responds by storing it up so you’ll have fuel to burn.
Let me say that again…

Cardio Makes You Store Fat!

You see, it doesn’t matter how much fat you melt while running on the treadmill… or how many hours you spend at the gym… or whether you do one of those “insane” workout DVDs.
All that matters is what happens to your body when you stop.
When you finish a cardio workout, your body goes to work storing fat to fuel your next workout. That’s why those last few stubborn pounds never seem to come off by just doing more cardio.
The cardio is working against you.

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