zondag 13 mei 2012


Fungus? Mold? Yeast?  Cancer? Red raspberry seeds contain a substance called Ellagic acid (Elagitannin), which is so powerful, the cancer "health" organizations are trying to hide all posted references to this powerful stuff. 
Ellagic acid inhibits the fungal and yeast enzyme Chitin Synthase II. All fungi and yeast need this enzyme to manufacture Chitin, a key  structural polysaccharide used in their cell walls. By suppressing this key fungal and yeast enzyme, the fungi and yeast are unable to grow. When they die at the natural end  of their life cycle, they cannot be replaced as long as the Chitin Synthase II enzyme is  inhibited.  Since this is not a human enzyme, it’s inhibition does us no harm. 

Whenever a cell becomes cancerous, our DNA sends it a signal to self-destruct. This is  one of the most powerful safeguards we have in preventing cancer and it works the  majority of the time. Unfortunately, it only takes one cancer cell capable of blocking this  signal for a tumor to form. It is specifically those cells that are capable of overriding the  self-destruct signal from the DNA that continues to grow and eventually form tumors.  Ellagic acid reiterates the self-destruct signal in cancerous and precancerous cells.  Unlike chemotherapy which damages healthy cells along with the cancer cells,  apoptosis (cell destruction) only applies to cancer cells and other damaged cells that  are no longer useful or safe to have in the body. 

Ellagic acid binds DNA and acts as a shield, protecting DNA from mutagens. It’s a  strong antioxidant and increases the expression of the enzyme p21, which stops the  division (growth) of cells that have DNA damage. 

This is amazing stuff
!  You can't get it's benefit by simply eating raspberries though, because it's locked in the seeds, which are quite small and almost almost always get swallowed whole, meaning they go through you whole. They need to be split open to release this magic power, and you need LOTS of seeds to really get the benefit.  Of course a high power blender like a Vitamix helps, but again, you'd need quite a few raspberries. Luckily there are a few places that sell this stuff that haven't been shut down yet by the high medical powers who are threatened by this substance. That's why I have it as an ingredient in my Parasite Free formula as well as the Anti-Aging formula.  If you have candida yeast issues, or h-pylori (which is a sign the yeast has mutated into fungus, allowing other opportunistic invaders to move in- you need ellagitannin!  It's not toxic and it's benefits are too many to mention. Nature is simply amazing. The products I sell are the same stuff I personally take. You can get it all at MarkusProducts.com. Or you can harvest the plants yourself, dry them, powder them and mix them. You can also buy the ingredients yourself, I mention the sources in the back of all my healing books at MarkusEbooks.com.  I'm here to help you rediscover the wonder that's been out there all along.

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